Plot Against Holiday Institution!

The CGTF has recently uncovered a dastardly plot against one of the most beloved holiday institutions. According to evidence sent to us by one of our ever-vigilant Northern Region Investigators, a secret goat organization with terrorist leanings is plotting to kidnap Santa Claus's reindeer and take their places in front of the sleigh! This will allow the goats the opportunity to attack children all over the world. As Santa makes his stop at each child's house, the goats will follow him into the house and traumatize all children living there while they sleep in their beds! These goats will then hurry back to the sleigh and proceed on to the next house and the next innocent victims.

We at the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation were horrified at this discovery and have dispatched the Strike Force to take action against the goats before they can harm Santa's reindeer. Luckily, one of the terrorist goats had a few too many drinks at one of the "watering holes" under regular CGTF surveillance. This goat was very happy to tell our Investigator all about the plot and even showed him the plans detailing the who, what, where, when, and how. The only question now is why . . .



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