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Bloodthirsty Political Goats
in Washington!


Astute Goat Trauma Investigative Agent at Large Richard B. brought yesterday's goat attack on Rep Anthony Weiner to our attention back at CGTF HQ. It seems that as always goats are up for surprise attacks. According to this article, the press conference was held to highlight and protest subsidies to the mohair industry. Since mohair comes from goats, they of course have an interest in keeping subsidies in place to further the Goat Agenda.

Interestingly, coverage on the incident from another source includes a disturbing picture of another ruminant that brings to mind the one that "inspired" our founder so long ago. Perhaps it's time for a new outreach group here at CGTF.

And please don't forget -- June is Goat Trauma Awareness Month! Help spread the word! Informative posters can be found here and an array of CGTF shirts and other products are always available at Goat Gear.



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Bloodthirsty Political Goats
in Washington!
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