"Goat Sucker" on the Loose Again!


The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation first became aware of the existance of the "Goat Sucker" back in 1996 when it was on the rampage in Florida. The Goat Sucker is reportedly a mythological creature of Caribbean origin who kills it's vicitms by sucking out their blood. According to 1996 reports, this monster was responsible for the deaths of more than two dozen animals in the Miami area. These deaths were officially blamed on large feral dogs, but the rumors persisted after the killings stopped.

Recent reports, however, indicate that the Goat Sucker is once again hard at work. This time, reports have come in from several places in Mexico and Latin America. Again, numerous animals have been killed in the night and drained of blood. From the number and wide-spread locations of the reports, it seems most likely that there are multiple Goat Suckers, but the exact number has yet to be determined. One thing is clear, though -- the Goat Sucker, or Suckers as the case appears to be, are getting bolder. The are feeding more often and in more populated areas. It is only a matter of time until the Goat Sucker takes it's first human victim.



One of our members recently discovered more information about the Goat Sucker, or "Chupacubra," in the popular press. The immortal Cecil Adams addressed the creature in one of his columns earlier this year. This column shed new and possibly terrifying light onto the topic. For more information, please read Cecil's column.



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